Sylvia Stanton
Internationally Collected, Award Winning Artist

Meet Sylvia​​

Sylvia Doucet Stanton began painting at an early age. She was born in New Orleans. She is mostly self-taught but in later years received instruction at the University of New Mexico. She has paintings across the United States and the world, most notable in the collections of James H. Russell of Santa Fe, NM, LC James of Jackson, Mississipi Art Patron Sarah Gillespie of Hattiesburg, MS, and Dr. Michael Sullivan of New Orleans. Stanton is a member of numerous art-related organizations, including but not limited to Allied Artists of America, Pearl River Art League, River Region Art Association, Audubon Art Association, Biloxi Art Association and New Orleans Art Association. Her Paintings have garnered numerous awards.​​

She shows at the Montserrat Gallery in New York, Maggie May's in Bay St. Louis, Maggie May's Off the Coast in Nashville, Tennesee, Sylvia shows at many Galleries in New Orleans.

Stanton paints in the finest DiVinvi oils. She has traveled all over the world including her favorite areas in France and Europe. You will see many French and English scenes in her paintings. She also places a focus on gardens, flowers, potting sheds, antique and quaint shops, fairs, New Orleans Scenes, and seascapes as subjects.

The critic for "Gallery and Studio" magazine, Peter Wiley, liked Stanton's work to impressionist Pierre Bonnard. Wiley also states that Stanton's work was in the French Tradition. It is gaily energetic and has intimate charm.